Thursday, December 1, 2016

Week 60 - The Airport and Star Wars

We just got back from President's house; he gave us snickerdoodles! The Elder Falabella zone conference and leadership council were awesome. He probably helped the mission out a lot, but you wont see the fruits of his teachings for probably 3 months. Then they oughtta show. He taught us to find more King Lamoni's, and all that came with that conversion - Ammon didn't straight out shoot to convert the other shepherd servants of the king, rather, he knew who he wanted to get, and how he was going to get him. He served, he was patient, he was long suffering, and humble. Then, when the opportunity arrived, he went for the dad. Not the mom, the kids or the uncle, but the dad. Everything starts with the head. And then to convert our converts into missionaries - whether they be ward missionaries, free hand mercenary missionaries, or straight full time missionaries. Just like Lamoni, his wife, kids, servants, Ammon himself, a convert converted to a missionary. Ammon, as the first convert, spread the word because he wanted to, then Lamoni's wife, then Lamoni, and soon, everyone who heard the Gospel. It was a really cool conference. I still say that President Hansen is my favorite, though. Haha. 

Today we did a service for a gal who is blind, and her helper is deaf. They are both just sweethearts, and I want to learn sign language now. That would be so cool. Then we got changed, went to lunch, and then we went and picked up the packages, took some stuff to President's house, and now we are here in the offices to stay for a while!

This week should be pretty low key until Saturday, when the transfers are made and the transfer preparation begin. That'll be crazy. I'll get to go to the airport like 15 times, which is cool, because I feel like I enter the Star Wars world when I go there. I know, I'm a nerd, don't remind me ;)

I love you all, I hope you had a nice Thanksgiving!

Love, Elder Howells

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