Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Week 97

The trip to Uyuni was sweet, it was really cool, but I don't know if I'd go again. So Elder Gill got transfered to Cochabamba and they asked me to train a new missionary, so on Wednesday morning I'm flying to Cocha, picking up my comp, and on Thursday afternoon I fly to Sucre and take a bus to back here to Potosi! I am excited, I think it will be a cool way to finish my mission. I'm glad your stake conference was good, we had one yesterday too, so that was nice.

My week was good, Benita was baptized and it was a really special moment. She asked me to baptize her, and that was a great opportunity! And we have 2 other investigators that are fairly close to getting baptized, so that will be fun to see how they progress!

I love you all! Have a great week!

Elder Howells

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Week 96

I'm doing good, tired, but really good! :)  Right now we are in Uyuni (World's largest Salt Flat) as a zone, we had to leave Potosi at 4:30 am to get here, and we will get back at about 11 tonight, (4 hours of travel), so this is the only email I can send, I'm so sorry! But we still can write 6 more times in the future ;)

We are only going to have one baptism of Benita this week, but that's okay, she is really prepared and a sweetheart! With transfers coming up this weekend, I think Elder Gill will leave, he's been here 6 months now with three comps, so he should go, and I have no idea who will kill me.  I think my legs are fine, they just hurt when I step wrong, so yeah, new shoes are in order, lol. But don't worry about it, I'm fine :) Elder Gill decided he wants to be a pirate some day, #I'm a sailor, I sail LOLLOLOL. (Inside family joke)

I'll talk to you next week! Be safe, I love you!

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Week 95

I had a good week, we worked hard, and we even put another person on date for the 12th, and this newest one, named Benita, I think she is the surest of the three. :) This week should be a farely normal week, we want to find about 7 new, real investigators this week, that's our goal! And just in case you were wondering... we are only going to write 7 more times, then on the eighth my flight leaves Cocha for Santa Cruz. Not bad, time is flying by, my goodness. I am excited to get home too, but am sad to leave here. I'm glad we'll all be able to come back soon in a couple of years, I will miss Cocha a lot!

I love you all!  Have a great week!

Elder Howells

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Week 94

I had a great week, we worked hard, and had seven people come to church yesterday, so I'm thrilled about that! We had a pretty good week, a couple of appointments, and a few services too, which I enjoyed. This week is a normal week, as far as I know, nothing out of the ordinary should happen! I am doing great! And yeah, of the seven people that came to church we have two brothers on date for the 12th August, I think they are on the right track for now!

Well, I hope you all have a great week!


Elder Howells

Friday, July 21, 2017

Week 93

I can't believe Brennen is on the way home and Chase too. Have you thought of a theme for my homecoming talk?? My week was great, I loved the zone conference, it was sweet. The new president is a great guy, he has no clue how to do missionary stuff yet, but he is a doctrinal wiz, so that's sweet. What he lacks for in mission knowledge and how to teach the way missionaries do, he makes up for it in the spirit, so I'd say he's just fine. I still miss Pres. Hansen though. Elder Gill and I are getting along good.

The work is going well, 7 investigators came to church yesterday, and we probably will have some baptisms the middle of August. Lately, I've been studying Sec. 93, there is so much more before spiritual life, and so much more after this life than, unless you look for it, you never find or even think of. It's sweet. I have gotten good at teaching specific principles, especially in a class setting, and or applying them into the plan of salvation, I love that kind of stuff.

Toady, we went on a tour of some old cathedrals from the 16th century, they were neat, but not one ounce of the spirit in those buildings.

Well, I love you all.

Have a great week! Elder Howells

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Week 92

We are doing great, no broken windows this week! ;) We worked hard, but nothing amazing this week, awesome gospel experiences, like always, but nothing off the walls! Today, we have been here and there, cleaned the house and now we are emailing our families. I can't believe how quick this is coming to an end, less than 80 days! Geez. Tuesday afternoon we are traveling to Sucre for our first Zone Conference with our new Mission President. I've heard he's a nice guy and a great teacher, so I'm excited to meet him. We will go in a bus tomorrow (Tuesday) at five in the afternoon, get there around 9 at night, more or less. Sucre is a lot closer than Tupiza (Tupiza was part of Brad's first area). The Tupiza Zone are going to be there too, so that will be cool.

Thought for the day.... The Prophet said if we read the Book of Mormon everyday it will make us sin resistant, and I feel that it's true, I've put it to the test and I can't deny it.

Well, I hope you have a great week.

Love, Elder Howells

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Week 91 - Happy 4th of July

Happy 4th of July!  I am good, I had a great week. One of the kids who is 9 years old got baptized, my comp baptized him and it was his first time, so I had the words written out on a paper (I was one of the witnesses) so he wouldn't forget them.  My companion and I were swordfighting a little bit a few nights ago (with broom sticks) and he threw it, and broke a window.... Funny stuff, I have a video!  I am so jealous you guys are going to the Oakley Rodeo tonight. Dang. President is gone.... That stinks! But they deserve the rest, they've worked too hard. I think the new President is going to do a good job, but I have never seen him so we'll see how that goes!

My comp wants to be an anesthesiologist, but I told him go big or go home, surgery or nothing, and he said "no way", lol. I'm converting him to the hick ways! He's still trying to stick the the yuppy life but I'll get him here quick! 

And for this week we are a little empty, we have a meeting on Friday, and just normal appointments throughout the week! :)  I hope you all have a great week.

Love, Elder Howells

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Week 90

I am good, the area is great and we've had better numbers in these last two weeks than the area has had in months, which makes me happy. The baptism didn't come through, so we rescheduled it for this week, and we should have one more too, so two in total. In my last area two of the three happened last week, so I am thrilled about that! :) I am doing really great, happy, I am good with the altitude now, have been for a couple of days, haven't been stomach sick at all, I am doing great!

I love you all and hope you have a great week!

Love, Elder Howells

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Week 89 - Life at 13,400 Feet

How are you? :) Not a lot of air out here, my goodness. My comp (Elder Gill) is awesome, he has been out 4 months and lives by the Seare's (Katherine's Sister in Gilbert, AZ) kind of.  It does get real cold at night, I put on my thermals and I have a double blanket, so I'm pretty good. Being up here has already caused me to start losing weight #thankgoodness. The area is big, but still half the size of my last one. The ward is big too, it's a ward of a 1000 members, but about 100 attend... sad. So, I don't have to iron my shirts anymore because I always wear a little sweater dealio, hahaha.

(I told Brad about our Father's Day activities) Haha, I wish I could've watched Poppy play ball! HAPPY FATHERS DAY to everyone!!! My area is big, but the other senior comps who were there before worked stupid while trying to work smart. So we've tracted a bit and are just trying to help everyone here. We have one guy that should get baptized this week. He didn't want to, but we had two chats, and now he's ready, I'm happy for him, his name is Juan Pablo Rios. And in my last area, I don't know what happened, but no one got baptized (He had 2-3 people ready for baptism when he left on Tuesday), which stinks, but there must be a reason...
Well, I hope you all have a great week.


Elder Howells

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Week 88 - Transfers

I had a great week, and the baptism on Saturday was wonderful! I am going to go to Potosi, Centro 1 (area), with Elder Gill from Arizona as Senior Comp.  I'm excited, Potosi is at like 13,400 ft. normally, so not bad! Yeah, it's winter so there should be pretty good weather (He's hoping for a little snow), supposed to be cold there, I don't know!  I passed through Potosi when I was in a bus coming to Cochabamba or Sucre for immigrations. Just google it, and you'll get the jist of it from the first picture. The big hill is called Cerro Rico, or rich hill. Got a crazy story about the gold and silver, supposed to be a pretty haunted city, a lot of devil worshiping and crap. Don't like that at all, lol.  

I miss Dave Alcorn (Dave is a family friend who just passed away), he was one of the greatest in the Kingdom, that I know. 

Today we went to a barbecue, I made bratts, then lunch, and now we're here emailing! Tonight we have just a few appointments, then getting my bags ready. My flight leaves tomorrow (Tuesday 6/13) at 7 in the morning, only a half hour flight!

I love you all!  Have a great week.

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Week 87

My week was good, we were busy, had things happen that weren't expected, but all in all, a great week! My companion is great, we are getting along just fine! And yes, he (President Hansen) is wrapping things up, he leaves here on the 31st of this month :( I promised them Texas Roadhouse when I get home, and they laughed and said it would be great. :) I love him!

(The unexpected things that happened?) Just some investigators who have cancer out of nowwhere, one who got raped (She is just 13), just sad stuff. But they are getting better! :) I feel great! And just preparing two people to get baptized this week! We have made great progress with them!!

I hope you all have a great week!

Love,  Elder Howells

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Week 86

I am doing pretty great, just chugging along. Elder Gumucio and I are happy, working hard, no complaints. We have 6 ready for baptism, 3 on the 10th and 3 on the 17th :) We played basketball and soccer today.

(Brad shared two conversion stories that stand out to him)
I don't know.... There is one named John Lennon, and his brother is named Kevin. The mom is a convert for a year now, no dad in the picture. John, when we met him, was atheist, but when we taught him why repentance was necesary, and we had him read Alma 39, he started to cry and wanted more than anything to change. He was baptized with his brother in February, and he is the most repented, humble and God seeking person I know. I love that guy. Every time he sees me (he is about 6' 6") he hugs me and says "hola house, como estas?" (no one can pronounce my last name). I love that guy.

Norma was receiving the chats for a couple of months, but she wasn't sure and was scared of messing up after her baptism. She came to General Conference, and the message by the Argentinan 70 changed her mind, and she and her daughter got baptized together, I baptized her and Elder Larrea baptized her daughter, Lindaly!!

When the members bring people, they are all referrals. In this area, knocking on doors yields very few results, the members bring us people and we teach them and try to baptize them, and we usually suceed! :)

I hope you all have a great week!

Love, Elder Howells