Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Week 64 - Skype on Christmas Day

Hey pops :) I was looking at the pictures I took of you and mom yesterday, and you two look so great! You don't really look like you've aged, or more wrinkles, just more gray on the both of you ;) It was great to talk to you guys, even though I had no idea what I wanted to talk about.

Today (P-day) we played soccer and went to eat peruvian food, dropped something off at President's house, and now we´re here writing.

And today President is having a open house and we're brining three recent converts. Then just office work, a leadership council on Wednesday, then I don't know what's up the rest of the week other than office work.

(I asked Brad about New Years celebrations in Bolivia and this was his response) And this country revolves around alcohol. Every possible day they drink, and you'll see the effects. Like people's faces are just torn up and stuff, it's sad.

Here is a short video clip of our call, right at the beginning.

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