Thursday, December 15, 2016

Week 62

My week was good! My comp is great. We had some good lessons and I am happy with last week! I want time to start picking up more for a little bit. December is passing by pretty slow, I don't know why. We had an awesome Zone Conference with Pres. and it was great! President and the Assistants are such great guys!

Christmas is such an amazing time of the year, but trunky too... Yesterday and Saturday were good teaching days! I thoroughly enjoyed them! We talked to some great people and knew some great people, too. Today we went to the cancha, then we went and got some sketchy burritos, and now we're here (Mission Office)!  (Hopefully the sketchy burritos weren't a mistake)


  1. Merry Christmas Elder! We love you.
    The Russells

  2. Hi Elder Howells, I hope that you are very well. Greetings Paola