Monday, November 28, 2016

Week 59 - Thanksgiving

This week was much better! I have a bunch of pictures uploading to dropbox right now so you can see what we did today! Anyway, on Saturday I baptized a kid named Abnel, who was an investigator of the sister missionaries in our ward. I also did his baptismal interview, and one other this week. And I have one more on Wednesday for Elder Crosby (Brad's MTC Companion) and his comp, so that's cool! We went on splits on Sunday so we could visit more people, I enjoyed that. Oh, that kid who got baptized, he showed up 2 hours late to his own baptism like it was nothing. We were all wigging out. I thought the sisters were going to hurt him, lol.  I threw up again on Thursday, which sucked, but I felt a lot better afterwards.  Last year we saw Elder Godoy of the 70 for Thanksgiving time, if I remember right. This week, no, the first days of next week Elder Falabella is coming to the mission. We will have zone conferences, and he will host a Leadership Council, and I'll be able to be there, which is going to be so awesome. Pres. Hansen already does such a good job, I can't imagine it with a General Authority. Elder Bednar came to the mission last last October while I was in the MTC, and he also did the Leadership Council. I can't wrap my mind around how that was. #scary. This year, I don't think we'll be doing anything for Thanksgiving. Unless Pres. takes us out to eat, which is possible.  And the place we went to for pday today is called incachaka, like the rainforest. That's the first time I've been to a jungle. So many mosquitos I think one time is enough ;)

I hope you all have a great week!


Elder Howells

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