Saturday, December 10, 2016

Week 61 - Transfers and a new companion

We didn't hear from Brad until Wednesday this week because of transfers.  Being in the office means that he is quite busy during transfers, he takes people to and from the airport.

How are you? :) I am good. The new people came in, the old people left, the transfers are done, and now we can breathe! ;) I did not get moved, but I got a new companion from Spain named Elder Padilla, he speaks great English, like a British guy... I suppose I´ll have to get that turned around here pretty quick. Lol.

Elder Tatum (previous companion) switched secretary positions, and wards, and companionships. Elder Coronado literally comes up to me and pulls my ears, he's hilarious. He is now Elder Tatum's comp! Elder Jorgenson will go to Potosi as a ZL, so that's great! Elder Tatum will finish his mission in the offices (In February) with 5 transfers here, poor guy. Pres. said that I probably only have one more transfer in the offices, thank goodness! Elder Moss (From Tupiza, you remember him?) (He was a trainer when Brad was a greenie in the same area) is the new assistant, which is awesome!

Today we were in Pres.'s house while the new missionaries received their trainers, we presented ourselves, helped serve the food and clean up and get everyone in taxi's and to their areas, and now we're here (The office to email)! On Friday we have a zone conference/christmas devotional, which we be cool!

Love you all, have a great week!

Brad at the airport during transfer.  The lady in red (Maria) sent me the picture
She loves Brad

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