Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Week 47 - Steady as she goes

I did a baptsimal interview this last week and I have to do another one this week. That is a really special moment for me, I thoroughly enjoyed it! This last week was slow, my comp had a couple sick days, and we had to really slow the pace down. Today we did a district activity (soccer) and then we went to a Mexican restaurant called Mexical, which is owned by Chileans, and it says Tex Mex on front. There's a lot of things that don't make sense here, hahaha.

Brad's answers to Katherine's questions:

1. Enos 1:27 - Just read it. When we feel worn and drained, all we need to think is that our rest is in the Lord, and that is where we need to turn when we have given it all we have and think we can´t anymore.
2. Best experience so far in the mission or in the week? You can't put a number on which was best or not!
3. 8 o'clock to 9. Personal study. It is a great time to really concentrate yourself and learn something else, to receive your own Spiritual witness of the truthfulness of the work. I love it.
4. The toughest moment I've experienced.... Probably when the stomach demons roll on in, then right on out. That makes the time pass painfully, literally, slow.
5. Hang on and be obedient and love your mission.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Week 46 - Keeping him on a mission

My week was good, but really long! Our investigators are good, one who is really doing well is named Wendi, she has a kid who is 14 years old. Today we played sand volleyball and we went to Luigi's! This week, proselyting took kind of a step back in an effort to keep my companion in a good state.  We still get to do work, but a lot slower and shorter hours, which is THE worst. But my comp is staying in the mission, which is the important thing! 

My scripture is Helaman 10:3-5

I love you all, have a great week! 

Elder Howells

Brad took this picture yesterday while emailing us.  The three people in the picture are 3 of Brad's 4 companions.  In the back is Elder Cortez, Brad's trainer (1st Companion) to the right (our right) Elder Infante (his last companion) and to the left Elder Coloma, his current companion.  Elders Cortez and Infante are from Peru and Elder Coloma is from Chile.  

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Week 45 - The Life of a Missionary

My week was great, almost! My comp had an emergency interview on Tuesday morning with President, which helped him for like a day. Then Thursday we had our regular 3 month interviews with President, which was great. I am a huge fan of my President. On Friday night in the middle of the street, after my comp tried to chew me out for being prideful, he threw his nametag and agenda and missionary handbook in the middle of the street, and screamed that he hates me and wants to go home, that was fun... Then I talked him out of it, and other than the fake illnessess which have been going on, our relationship has been good. Today we were with Hermana Maria, we watched Ephraim's Rescue, and now we're here! 

We had 3 investigators come to sacrament, which is awesome! One of them was a gal we contacted in the street a day before, and she came and stayed all three hours of church, which was amazing!

Mosiah 2:24, I believe, is my favorite scripture!

I hope you all have a great week! Love Elder Howells

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Week 44 - First District Class

My week was good! I gave my first district class, the assistents were also there, and I killed it!! They all told me I did a really good job. Williams and Deysi are really good! I love those guys, and we have put a date on a gal, the daughter in law of an active sister. We shall see how she comes along. Also, do you remember about the situation of the two people in Quiriza who I baptized because their records were lost? Yeah, that happened again to a member here, so we have to give her the chats and baptize her again, as well! What a pain for her.

My favorite scripture this week is Jacob 7:25, and when you read it, you'll find three points in it. Fortify, Trust, and come off conqueror. It is a really powerful scripture for me!

I hope you all have a great week!

Love, Elder Howells

Monday, August 1, 2016

Week 43 - New Companion

How are you doing?! I am great. You guys are always always in my thoughts and prayers! My week was excellent! We have people who are reading and praying, but so far, they have yet to come to church. But that's okay, some just need more time. But we worked very hard this week. We have had quite a few new people this week, we shall follow up soon! Elder Infante and I finished on a high note, thank goodness. He's a good guy, but I was ready for this transfer. I am going to recieve Elder Coloma from Chile. He was just with my trainer and now is coming with me. He is a very hard comp, from what I've heard. But we're going to be fine, I´m not worried! He is also from my group, he just has 4 weeks less because I had 6 weeks in the CCM and he had 2. They also made me DL, so we´ll see how that goes. I will pick up and drop off my comp tomorrow at 10 a.m. I love you so much and I hope you have an awesome week! 

Brad's response to Katherine's questions:

1. My scripture is Alma 9: 26, I really like it a lot.
2. Our ZL, Elder Ortega, finished his mission a couple of days ago, so we had to be in a trio with his comp, Elder Carrasco. He was alone putting his clothes in the washing machine yesterday, and was taking forever. So I walked in the laundry all cat like, and he had no clue I was there... for like 2 minutes. I didn't say a word, and he even had a mirror infront of him and could see me if he would've focused on it. So while he was putting his clothes in the machine, I struck an oportune moment, right when he was standing up, and screamed in my most woman like voice that I could muster, and his feet left the floor. And I am pretty sure I wet my pants laughing. I didn't stop for about 8 minutes. And he was furious, but laughing at the same time. I'm sure he messed his pants more.
3. I've grown closer to the Lord than ever would have been possible at home.
4. Geez... I like em all. I like the Alma and Amulek duo. They are examples of two excellent, consecrated missionaries. While Alma teaches, Amulek watches the people's reactions, and then he testifies of Alma's words, and begins teaching following the spirit. They are wonderful. But, in reality, I like them all. Ammon, Moroni, Nephi, King Benjamin. From the Bible, I like Daniel.

I love you all.  Have a great week!