Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Week 47 - Steady as she goes

I did a baptsimal interview this last week and I have to do another one this week. That is a really special moment for me, I thoroughly enjoyed it! This last week was slow, my comp had a couple sick days, and we had to really slow the pace down. Today we did a district activity (soccer) and then we went to a Mexican restaurant called Mexical, which is owned by Chileans, and it says Tex Mex on front. There's a lot of things that don't make sense here, hahaha.

Brad's answers to Katherine's questions:

1. Enos 1:27 - Just read it. When we feel worn and drained, all we need to think is that our rest is in the Lord, and that is where we need to turn when we have given it all we have and think we can´t anymore.
2. Best experience so far in the mission or in the week? You can't put a number on which was best or not!
3. 8 o'clock to 9. Personal study. It is a great time to really concentrate yourself and learn something else, to receive your own Spiritual witness of the truthfulness of the work. I love it.
4. The toughest moment I've experienced.... Probably when the stomach demons roll on in, then right on out. That makes the time pass painfully, literally, slow.
5. Hang on and be obedient and love your mission.

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