Thursday, September 8, 2016

Week 48 - Good Friends

Here are some excerpts from Brad's email on Monday.
I have found that my patience with people has grown incredibly, but with inatimate objects, it has drastically shrunk. Our cellphone makes me wanna jump off a bridge sometimes. I get mad at doors, locks, pens, I'm a wreck. :)

Katherine and I are out of town on a photography workshop, hence the following comment and of course he is aware of a particular football game this weekend.  I'm not sure who told him :) Bolivia has some great photo elements, but also a lot of robbers, so, a win lose situation out here. I think the Utes should win, I'll pray for them.

My week was good, nothing too special. I made my comp have another interview with Pres., we worked hard this week, we did splits like 3 times, but it was worth it. We have a lot of new investigators that listen and read and all that, but they don't come to church. It's tough sometimes.

And this week we have a lot of appointments, a baptsimal interview this Wednesday for the assistants, and transfers next Sunday. Tomorrow is 11 months, a fat inch away from you folks, and time is flying. I am ready for a transfer, I wanna explore the country... ;)  Time goes by really fast, I'm serious. And this next transfer is one year and a little. That's crazy. That's when everyone really says that time really begins to fly by.  It's probable that I stay here, but then again, I could very well head out to Potosi or Sucre, Who knows? 

And my scripture this week is Mosiah 28:3. It really urges the members to help the missionaries with the work

Katherine asked Brad to share a spiritual experience.  This paragraph makes it all worth it....
I would say that while out here, in the humblest place in South America, sometimes it seems like the humblest place in the world, I have gained an understanding of really how and where the Savior walked. Especially after my time in Quiriza. To live there, you step out of our world, and back many centuries to a simpler life. Working hand in hand with the people taught me a greater lesson in humility and charity than I think I could've learned any place else, or in any other way. I have grown closer to God in these short 11 months than the 18 years previously, and I would not trade it for anything else in the world. Words can't express it, you just have to live it and love every minute of it, good or bad. And there really aren't any truly bad minutes.

This picture is of Brad and a good friend Steve Adamson who was in Cochabamba this week on business.  He knew Brad was there but had no idea where he was and Brad literally walked in front of Steve.  They had a nice chat and Steve gave he and his comp some money for a nice dinner.  We are so grateful to Steve, he has taken down packages for us and has been so kind to Brad.  I guess he doesn't hold anything against me for being his Jr. Jazz Coach :)

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