Monday, August 1, 2016

Week 43 - New Companion

How are you doing?! I am great. You guys are always always in my thoughts and prayers! My week was excellent! We have people who are reading and praying, but so far, they have yet to come to church. But that's okay, some just need more time. But we worked very hard this week. We have had quite a few new people this week, we shall follow up soon! Elder Infante and I finished on a high note, thank goodness. He's a good guy, but I was ready for this transfer. I am going to recieve Elder Coloma from Chile. He was just with my trainer and now is coming with me. He is a very hard comp, from what I've heard. But we're going to be fine, I´m not worried! He is also from my group, he just has 4 weeks less because I had 6 weeks in the CCM and he had 2. They also made me DL, so we´ll see how that goes. I will pick up and drop off my comp tomorrow at 10 a.m. I love you so much and I hope you have an awesome week! 

Brad's response to Katherine's questions:

1. My scripture is Alma 9: 26, I really like it a lot.
2. Our ZL, Elder Ortega, finished his mission a couple of days ago, so we had to be in a trio with his comp, Elder Carrasco. He was alone putting his clothes in the washing machine yesterday, and was taking forever. So I walked in the laundry all cat like, and he had no clue I was there... for like 2 minutes. I didn't say a word, and he even had a mirror infront of him and could see me if he would've focused on it. So while he was putting his clothes in the machine, I struck an oportune moment, right when he was standing up, and screamed in my most woman like voice that I could muster, and his feet left the floor. And I am pretty sure I wet my pants laughing. I didn't stop for about 8 minutes. And he was furious, but laughing at the same time. I'm sure he messed his pants more.
3. I've grown closer to the Lord than ever would have been possible at home.
4. Geez... I like em all. I like the Alma and Amulek duo. They are examples of two excellent, consecrated missionaries. While Alma teaches, Amulek watches the people's reactions, and then he testifies of Alma's words, and begins teaching following the spirit. They are wonderful. But, in reality, I like them all. Ammon, Moroni, Nephi, King Benjamin. From the Bible, I like Daniel.

I love you all.  Have a great week!


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  1. Keep the great attitude. I'm sure it isn't easy but as you know when you see just a little success it makes it well worth it! Sister Russell keeps asking our Mission leaders when her next transfer will happen. So far she is stuck with me. We love you Elder Howells. The Russells