Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Week 58 - Sick

The entire Bolivian population thinks that World War III will happen because Ol'Donald is in office. They say they'll never get to the States, that he'll send fire to Bolivia. It's hilarious. They all wanted Hillary.  Today was a good day, yesterday wasn't. I was kinda sick. A lot sick.  So, I've had better ;) I am good right now, just a little weak, so I'm taking it easy. That 24 hour sickness just drained the life out of me, I could barely talk. I wanted to be taken out back and put out of my misery.  I couldn't even drink or eat anything yesterday. I would try to drink like an inch of water and I threw up 3 times. And yeah, I am taking it way easy. I ate a taco on the corner, I think that's what did it. I'm not doing that again, lol. The Bolivian people are pretty anti-American, which stinks. They don't have a clue how much better it is up north. And I think, well, I hope my investigators are good. I really couldn't tell you, which isn't good. We had a couple of lessons on Saturday, which was nice. But nothing too much. It's a bummer. But, this week oughta be better.

In two weeks Elder Falabella will come do a mission tour, which will be sweet. Me and my comp have to translate 2 of his talks to distribute to the mission. So that'll be cool.

I hope you all have a great week.


Elder Howells

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