Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Week 56 - Transfers

This week was awesome!!! It was transfer week, AND we got to have 9 lessons! So sweet. That's more lessons than we've had in any of the other 7 weeks. In Colón we would have like 35-40 easy in a week. So, 9 lessons is awesome. :) The investigators are well, but we are still trying to get a chance to surprise chat their dad. A work in progress. Today we had the SCARE BOWL. The majority of the gringos got together and we had a football game. I had two touchdowns and a pick, with some dancing that was not before know of me. I'm impressed with myself.

(I asked Brad if he was dressing up for Halloween :) and if he drives a car at all now that he's in the office) And no, I am in p day clothes if that counts. Lol. And no, the only people who drive in the mission is president and his wife, nobody else. I told president that I would drive for him, but he said no thanks with a laugh. So, that got shot down.  The fastest anyone goes, literally, would probably be less than 40 miles per hour. You literally can not go faster, the roads and the culture don't allow it. That's why it takes 18 hours to get to Tupiza, not 5 like it would back home. And they have copied halloween a little bit, they call it todos santos. It means "all saints". The South American culture is so Catholic, they worship saints a lot, so much so that they dance, drink, have week long festivals, worship, pray to the saints. And Bolivia is one of the heavier countries in that respect. So their halloween revolves around "all the saints".

I love you all!

Have a great week and Happy Halloween!

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