Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Week 38 - Temple Trip

This week was fine, nothing special, neither bad! No new investigators worth noting this week, we didn't contact a whole lot. But this Wednesday we are going to the temple as a zone, which should be awesome! When I get home I would like to do the first morning session once a week or every two weeks, something like that.

Katherine asked Brad the following questions:
1- Best memory this past week?
2- How are the investigators coming along?
3- Favorite scripture for the week and why?
4- How is your health?
5- Reasons you love your mom?

1. My best memory this past week, last Monday night a great guy in the ward took us out to eat mexican food like home style, so that was awesome. First time in 8 months, I went again today too!
2. The investigators aren't coming along too well at the moment. We are going to be working more the less-active members this transfer. They are progressing, just working over their fears to get back into the church,
3. 2 Nephi 4:16-35 (Nephi's Psalm) because it talks about why the things of the world bring us down, if only we trust in the Lord, we will be okay. Just because we are human doesn't mean that we have to give way to temptations and worldly things, we just hold to the rod and we will be just fine.
4. Edited for this audience :) He is fine; just typical health issues related to being a missionary in Bolivia
5. Because she is the most Christ like person I know, I do miss her little cheek kisses, and the mission has made me realize more than ever how much I do love you!
My companion is fine, I did pull the taser out on a dog though, my comp almost peed laughing. I yelled at the dog and he just thought it was so funny to hear me shout at a dog with a taser in my hand. 

Oh well! I love you!

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