Monday, March 28, 2016

Week 25 - Transfers

First off, this week we had 3 sick days, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.  We were in bed all day long on my birthday, pretty much a crappy birthday, but that's okay. I have a lifetime of awesome birthdays, just after my next one! Haha. 

I got a transfer... I am going to Cochabamba, Zone Universidad, and Area Colon 1. It is the wealthiest area in the mission.. I am coming from the poorest and humblest to it's literal polar opposite. Wow. I am going to have culture shock bad. Saying goodbye to my friends and the people whom I grew to love in Quiriza was really difficult, I love those people with all my heart, but I am excited for the opportunity to go and try my hand at another area with a new type of people, in a new environment. Lol. 

My new comp is from Peru, I know him a little bit, his name is Elder Infante! He is a good guy from what I know. I will leave from Tupiza tonight on a bus to Sucre, and in the morning I will fly from Sucre to Cochabamba. So... Here we go, I suppose!! 

I love you all and I hope you have a great week! I am sorry if I couldn't respond to some of you, the internet is very slow and we don't have much time. But have a swell week!

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