Monday, February 20, 2017

Week 72 - 2 Baptisms

The baptisms were great! I baptized and confimed Kevin, and my comp baptized and confirmed John! They were both non believers on anything spiritual. Kevin saw the logical part of things, and the Book of Mormon was his conversion key. John read Alma 39 as a commitment we left, and that converted him (v. 10-15).

The other investigators are doing very well, we are just making sure they understand repentance as a preparatory thing!! I think the second week of March will be the best time to be baptized for the majority of them.

Transfers are on Sunday, and we will receive our comps on Tuesday! I am doing good! Just keep on chugging along.

And there are blockades tomorrow and maybe Wednesday, so we'll see what ges on with the meetings this week. But my comp finishes proseyting on Friday, so I will be in a companionship with another guy in the zone whose comp is dying (going home) as well, I will be with him until the following Tuesday! So, that'll be sweet!!

(I asked Brad what a blockade was and this is his answer) Where a bunch of angry cholitas, taxi drivers, trufi or bus drivers sit in the streets and shoot off like mean fireworks and the cops flip out, people get trampled or hung, crap like that. It's a pretty middle age country, lol.

(The lady in these pictures is Maria.  It was her birthday today and she wanted all of her favorite missionaries to come over and celebrate as part of their p-day.  She is a neat lady and is always sending pictures of Brad)

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