Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Week 70

I have had a great day! And I'm sorry, I was totally planning on sending pictures, but in my hurry this morning I forgot my cable at home, I'm so sorry!! Today was good, it's been raining a lot these last couple of days. I am doing pretty good, the bowels are holding up too, thank goodness! In divisions with somebody in the zone I helped him put two baptismal dates for the 4th of March, which is awesome! I saw some of the game (Super Bowl) playing last night walking around my area and I was really struggling to not pull up a lawn chair and partake of the football feast taking place.

Our investigators are great, there are a solid 4 that should be baptized not this Saturday but the next Saturday! That will be great. We had a solid week! I am happy with how things went. Now just to find new people so that they are lined up for the future, so that there are always people being prepared without large gaps.

This ward is pretty good, I prefered my last one, but this one is still very good. Today, we went to the store, saw some of the families Elder Cortez used to visit, and now we're here emailing.

Today we are going to go and just proselyte, maybe a family home evening would be nice. We will play it by ear for today. Tomorrow we have a zone meeting, like normal, then we just carry on until next Sunday and Monday!

Yeah, I'm good! I love the mission, and it is flying by...

Maria Vargas sent some pictures during the week of Brad and Elder Cortez... 

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