Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Week 69

My week was great! We got to go and work, but on Saturday and Sunday a pretty good cold hit my comp hard and me only a little bit, so we had 1.5 sick days. But that's okay! Don't tell mom ;) My area is awesome, the sisters in our ward had a baptism, and I got to be part of the confirmation, which was wonderful. Our schedule will basically stay very similar, just with the change of the study schedule flexibility.

And I am, just a pretty good runny nose! My comp is great, he's a trunky missionary, but a great guy who still wants to work, which I love. And our investigators are doing well. They come to church and are progressing. We have 7 people with a date for the 18th of February. I feel that at least 4 will happen on time! :) One is a mother and a daughter and the other is a kid who has been coming to church for almost 2 years but never was baptized, and we have 2 sisters who both might, so maybe even 5 promising ones. We want to build good reading habits before they decide anything!

That is so true. The members are more important for retention than the missionaries are, by far. And the zone is doing well, we are working hard. No real challenges now, I just need to learn the area a little bit better so that I can go and bring the new elders and do divisions (splits). President wants all 4 missionaries (zl's and trainer and trainee) to be working in the zl's area so that the missionaries see how a model area looks like (those are president's words).

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  1. Love to read your blog! Keep up the great work. 69 weeks- pretty amazing. Sister Russell and I are just finishing week 34. It goes by so fast. We love you Elder!