Monday, February 22, 2016

Week 20 - Burger King!

(I told Brad that I thought spring was around the corner and asked him how the weather was there and how his trip to Cochabamba was, he calls it Cocha)
Ha, we are heading into fall right now!! Burger King was a long awaited for and much needed treat for the taste buds. Lol. President has told me twice that this is my last transfer in Quiriza, so I should be in Cocha soon! Cochabamba is like Hawaii or So Cal weather, without the beaches and the other basic American things, but it is gorgeous. I probably had to come live in the 16th century (referring to his current area in Quiriza) to realize how nice modern living actually is. A little humility and gratitude check. The little guy crouching down in that picture with me, Elder Cortez, the assistants is President Roly, our Branch President. I don`t think you knew that! I love the people here, they are awesome. And man, I realized how bad I wanted to drive again. I sat in the driver seat of some guys truck, it wasn't on or anything, man I could feel the endorphins buzzing in my head. I wanna drive.

(I asked Brad if he knew something President Hansen didn't about him being in Cochabamba next, I also asked him how he likes his companion Elder Wren and Elder Stoker, who has become a good friend) I do want to go to Cocha, I would be fine spending the rest of my time there. And Cocha is hot, it is a wet hot, pretty humid for 9,800 feet. Elder Wren is hilarious, his comedy is kind of like combining George Costanza with a Cole Mackay, not very loud, just little comments that destroy you with laughter. Elder Stoker is a great guy, he is in Sucre now in his third to last transfer.

(I asked Brad how his Spanish was coming along)
I am learning the finer points of grammar, but I am fluent basically. I can't understand Chileanos hardly at all, but I understand the others almost 100%. I really enjoy the mission, not saying I am not excited to be home, but still, I enjoy it. I forgot like my home routine, I had like ¨Brad´s way of doing things¨, as you and others described it, and I just don't even remember it. Next week you gotta tell me about some of the crazy or unusual things I did with machinery or trailers or whatever it was so I don't forget who Brad was\is. I could spend hours talking about the crazy things Brad did with cars, trucks and equipment and the thousands of dollars he cost me in repairs :)

Below are some pictures of Brad having fun on P-Day with Elder Stoker and his district.... He's still a goofball, so not too much has changed.

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