Monday, February 1, 2016

Week 17 - Plowing

This week was good. We had splits with the ZL's in my area and Elder Stoker and I had 5 of the best lessons of my life. The best teaching I have ever done. We will be having about 3 baptisms this next transfer, I am sure of it. A great week teaching wise. Saturday, I learned how to plow with a mule, I did it on my own. I am a pioneer. Haha. I love my area, it is a great place. The people are great, the lifestyle, though not entirely for me, is just fine, and Bolivia is an excellent place. I am very pleased with the way things are going.

(I asked Brad if one of the people was Alejandro an 11 year old boy he's been teaching) When Elder Stoker and I taught him, he hadn't been coming to church and it was strange, he had no light in his eyes, his mom didn't either. But he and I taught him the first vision, which I shared, and the spirit hit like a truck. It was great. Then two days later he came back and said that he prayed about the lesson Elder Stoker and I taught and he recieved an answer, and he wants to be baptized again.  so... BOOM.

I plow.... :)

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  1. Someone get that boy a pair of shoes... he is plowing in sandals!