Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Week 52 - 1 Year Down!

Well, today was a good day, we played basketball. My D game is still strong, but my offensive game has taken a serious blow in this one year offseason I've had. So, I don't contribute a whole lot to my team, but I suppose A for effort. ;) 

I loved general conference! I think my favorite talk, or most powerful for me was by Elder Rasband. You can tell of the conviction of his words, and also by President Nelson, who spoke on joy. I am a believer in the primary scripture he shared, and I think if we could all keep that attitude, life wouldn't be the ¨burden¨ that we sometimes mistakenly take it to be. 

This week was good. I really enjoyed, a lot, lot, lot of work in the offices, a leadership council, and I had to give a powerpoint presentation in front of all of the zone leaders in the mission and the sister leaders (there are 30 of them), the assistants, and President and Sister Hansen. This was Thursday morning. So that was fun. lol. Then the conferences were a huge spiritual recharge that I needed. The offices, where there is almost no study time or proselyting time are not a very spiritual orienting place, but the conference was awesome and gave me what I needed. 

HUMP DAY BABY, BOOM (Hump Day is your one year mark). One hump down, one to go!

I love you all.  Have a great week!

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