Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Week 3 - A Little More of the Same

I´m doing well. This week was good, very similar to last week. Nothing major happened, unfortunately. But it was still good. The new group of latinos are really competetive at soccer, and my game is really starting to improve. No rugby balls anywhere in this country I've decided, but I have had the opportunity to teach the Latinos real football, and they aren't very good but they love it and ask about it every day.

I can understand more and more every day, but I feel as if I´m coming to a plateau that I will only be able to conquer with a Latino companion once I get to Bolivia. I can teach a lesson, albeit a simple lesson in Spanish on any of the doctrinal principles. Even better if I have one of the foilletos. But this week has been good. We watched a live stream of Neil A. Anderson last night from Provo MTC, that was good.

I havent had homesickness to bad at all, thank goodness. Seriously the hardest part is not seeing the stars and no real mountains. I am having a good time, hard to stay awake during study time. Can´t wait to actually be able to get to Bolivia. The latinos either love or hate bolivian food, no in between

In Lima the sky is orange, literally, at night from all of the light polution. Crazy stuff. I'm jealous I didn't get to go to yellowstone with you guys last week. Everyone here is yuppie and know seriously nothing about hunting or mountains or animals or anything. It´s really stressful when they talk about it because they make themselves look like darned fools. lol

I have to go. I love you, have a great week, I will make sure to do something interesting this week so that I have something to send next week!! I love you; have a great week!!


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