Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Week 2 Down. What a place!

I can not express what it is like here. The food is either good or it's quite the struggle to keep it down. But mostly good. A lot of the Elders spend a tremendous amount of time in the baƱo, if you know what I mean... But I have been blessed, thank goodness. The Latino elders are still just the absolute best, I love them to death. It is complete language immersion here, hardly any English is spoken, a blessing and a curse. Telling the lunch ladies what I want to eat is a monumental struggle at times. They just laugh and throw whatever they want on the plate, but that's okay. My companion and I have had opportunities to teach several mock lessons with fake investigators, that we didn't know were fake before hand, as well as some actual investigators. I had the opportunity to invite a guy named Yonni to baptism yesterday, it was quite the experience. I can understand most of a gospel related discussion in Spanish, and I manage to get broken sentences out while still being able to express myself fairly well. I´ll only be getting better.

I´m thrilled to hear that my UTES are doing well, also thrilled to hear that the team down south isn't doing so well. Just kidding, kind of.

I love you guys, I look forward to writing you again next week.

This picture is from the Temple this morning.

From left to right: Elder Horan from California, Elder Heaps, Elder Van Skyhawk, Elder Crosby (my companion), Elder Wirth from Dallas, he's 6 foot 4 and 260, and me.

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