Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Week 84 - Mothers Day & I got robbed

Hey pops, somebody robbed me and my whole wallet, so can you hurry and cancel my credit card so that they can't take any money out! I love you, talk to you later!  (That was the email Brad sent first thing Monday morning, I had to wait until later to find out if he was okay)

I'm good, just upset! ;) They only took 80 b's (Boliviano's; local currency), but I lost my Bolivian ID (200 b's to get replaced), my church insurance card, church and home credit cards, Temple Recommend, notes from you and mom, and my Sportsman's Warehouse frequent customer card (real upset about that one), and my pride, but that's okay!

We have a lot of appointments this week, so Elder Larrea will go home with a bang! :) The baptism was great, Javier is a special needs youth, mentally, and he was scared of the water, so the fifth time baptizing him was the charm.

We were able to Skype w/ Brad on Mothers Day.  It was so good to see and talk to him.  He is doing really well (other than getting robbed on Monday morning).  

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